No Man’ s Land : my take

Posted in LeCool Magazine
Dublin Selected * 109

Castaway on the Liffey betwixt the glassclad monoliths of the IFSC, NAMA-ed ghost office complexes and Docklands Authority starchitecture, is No Man’s Land. The festival fringe desert isle installation is home to artist Fergal McCarthy, 2 pam trees and 1 vitnage tent for 1 week – weather permitting.

It’s a sight I behold daily this week as I walk my commute back to the Creche along the Dockland’s footbridge , sidle past the Jeanie Johnstons Ship and catch a quick glimpse of the solitary figure on his 3D caricature of a Desert island.

Fergal’s love affair with Abhainn na Life (aka The River Liffey) finds it’s consummation with his fitting conclusion to a triptych that has seen him submerge in the river; plant houses upon it and now, in grand Hegelian manner reside within it (whilst downing the odd martini at rush hour).

A Celtic Crusoe? An anthropomorphic metaphor for our nation’s economic exile? A suited noble savage rebelling against our cynical decadence? Or a fitting reaction to our transpontine north-south class divide? Aldous Huxley himself crafted the novel ‘Island’ in sequel and remedy to his dystopian ‘Brave New World’.

Make of it what you will. Therein lies the beauty: take enough time to look at it, react to it and I guarantee you..the ideas will flow.


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