The Italian Quarter in Dublin city

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Location : 1 Bloom lane, Dublin 1

If you grew up like me, on a religious diet of Sesame street, then you too would have known that friendly civic space between Mr. Hooper’s store , the apartment block Stoop and the tree lined curb. Well I suspect the Italian Quarter (aka Millenium walkway aka Quartiere Bloom) is the closest thing to it in this city.
It’s a friendly micro Piazza built for people-watching Mediterranean style boasting good coffee and its own street art. (THAT Last Supper photograph commissioned by local Don Mick Wallace himself.)

This excellent watering hole is bordered by the smiley Caffe Cagliostro, that perfect 1st-date winebar Enoteca de Langhe, the Tunisian Amir’s cafe complete with shishas and cracking Arabic pop, the testosterone-infused Bar Italia restaurant, the roomy La Taverna restaurant, the excellent Sicilian family-run Panem cafe with it’s perfect croissants and not least of all the trippy camp Foam cafe round the corner.

A sexy artery bridging the quays to retail therapy in Henry st., it’s a lesson on creating tasteful, inviting and people-friendly municipal space. A place for wasting time well. The philosopher developer himself Don Wallace is found there holding audience most mornings, coffee in hand.20110918-093446.jpg


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  1. I know the place well. I did a fit out in one of the local offices and walked around that area on the day Obama visited Dublin. An amazing transformation of that entire section of Dublin City helped in no small part by the Luas.

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