New Design Ireland: Jennifer Slattery Textiles

Tired of vintage chintz, plain linen or even that big blue/yellow monolith of Scandinavian Design fascism in Ballymun? Then Jennifer Slattery’s home textiles collection of tablecloths , cushions and throws, give some alternative comfort for the senses and brings it all back home in more ways than one.

Pigment, fabric embroidery and digitally printed imagery are woven together to create Jennifer Slattery’s latest collection ‘An Imperfect World’, was on show at a recent RHA Pop-Up series. She will also be showing Nov 1st-5th alongside her peers in the Malthouse Design Centre during Design Week.

Inspired by her granny’s house where she now lives, she brings to life a tapestry of memories.This Irish designer’s Collection alludes to trinkets that link us to old memories, ornaments and objects of past generations. Her images also allow us to celebrate the flaws, broken edges and the imperfections that exude character in an object. Take a look at her Digitally printed linen with facsimiles of distressed crockery and cutlery which force you into a second take, creating some very playful optical illusions not to mention memorable talking points for any dinner party.

I for one think its time to support home-grown design whilst possessing something unique and newly collectible in the process.


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