You know you’re an events person when…

Chances are if you are in events – you’ve picked up some interesting personality quirks, habits and talents along the way. It’s affected your world view and made you hope for the best but prepare for the worst. As we all know in events nothing ever goes perfectly at the buildup stage, during or even at breakdown.

I have picked up a few and as I look back, I invite all and sundry to add in their thoughts:

  • You have any one or these in your handbag or in the case of guys, your rucksack, car etc..

A spirit level
A tape measure or measuring device
Masking tape
Cable ties

  • Chances are you are the kind of person capable of performing MacGyver levels of Lateral thinking whilst using rubberbands, ducktape and a paperclip to resolve complex structural impediments in a display unit or staging area.
  • You Get turned on by Av equipment and a really shiny new staplegun.
  • If you are a woman: mastered the art of day to night dressing and are able to transform from fleece top and jeans to evening wear in just about any confined space in the middle of nowhere if needs be.
  • You have multiple phone chargers with you.
  • You have spend thousands of euros / dollars on directory enquiries.
  • You are able to gauge the size of a room in seconds and can guess the maximum capacity of most things.
  • You are a detailholic and have gone beyond list making to making lists which cross reference other lists.
  • You always assume it takes a longer time to do something regardless of what the other person says and if it doesn’t you know you want the extra time to iron out last minute tweaks and glitches. You’ve gotten really good at estimating how long it takes to do something actually and have developed a great internal clock.
  • You have backups for your backup.
  • You pretty good at colonizing a cafe and using it as a mobile office/ War room for the next 5 hours.
  • You can’t believe we coped before the smartphone and then you remembered how you used to lug around that battered and overhwelmed filofax for years beforehand and it has your whole life in it.
  • Alternatively you have on speed dial: Av man, electrician, a printer who works miracles in 24 hours, last minute babysitters, temp agencies and ideally 2 very available men with a van.
  • You either approach all personal life events be it Christmas shopping or your wedding with a spreadsheet, Gantt chart and guest database cross referenced to the hilt. OR, you probably do it all last minute as you have zero time for your own life.
  • When you do your own wedding , chances are every supplier is also a guest.

And so it goes – I could do this forever being in events as list making is one of our forte’s nevertheless am hoping to hear what others have to say on the topic…


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