Oriental Emporium

Go rogue when grocery shopping in our new era of VAT increases and fiscal austerity. Go beyond those blue-yellow juggernauts Aldi/Lidl and follow an Asian shopper some weekend, you will soon discover the Oriental Supermarket. It’s an open secret: Asian supermarkets deliver just as good produce, more exotic varieties of spices, AND at lower prices without the wasteful packaging till 7pm most days. Marvel at the freshness & affordability of their live shellfish at the in-store fishmongers. Pick out a full meal for €5 at the hot Szechuan deli. Salivate at the display of crispy roast duck and belly pork hanging on meat hooks. Replicate a Dim Sum blowout from their frozen food section. Even the instant noodle array & crockery gift sets are a find.

My favourite bit? I love that I can still find my primary school tuck shop favourites from days of yore in Singapore and introduce them to my half Irish 3-year-old. Also get a kick from watching Mr Siew the owner explaining the plethora of soya sauce brands in the condiments section to the confused locals..


Main store location ( one of 4)
30/32 Upper Abbey Street, Chapter
House, East House, Dublin 1, Ireland.



  1. On Monday, I drove out to my good friend Justin Chan in Caterworld on the Nangor Road. I stocked up on all my oriental essentials, ginger, pepper, water chestnuts, rice wine, light and dark soy, chili oil, noodles and a few other things. The quality is light years ahead of the supermarket stuff and it weighs in at about 1/2 to 1/3 of the price. We in Ireland are living in tough times and it is well worth a visit.

    • too right Conor- the thing is people don’t realize they can get non- exotic stuff too at better prices like your basic onion or garlic / spring onions etc… not to mention the freah fish and frozen fish too

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