Loverly Christmas Jumpers

World Design Capital status has escaped us for another year, so one can, in good conscience indulge in some old-fashioned over-the-top kitsch. I’ve salivated over so much hip and contemporary product design lately, I am kinda glad the Georges St. Arcade has a new “Lovely Christmas Jumper” pop – up Shop, suitably located betwixt the Hello Kitty stand and The Chinese ornament stall.

Priced at €35-40 Euro a pop for adults and €15Euro for babies sizes in 85% acrylic / 15% wool, they come in an array of designs that would turn on any one of Santa’s Elves. What’s more there’s a giveaway every week on Facebook. My personal favourite: the Humping Reindeer design with ethnic Norwegian motif.

It’s the perfect Pitstop before joining in Geansai Nollaig Day on the 4th Dec in aid of Barretstown on South King St. as Dubliners attempt to break the World record for the most Christmas jumpers in one place. Surely its a pretty hip thing to do – I mean, if Mr Darcy did it in Brigitte Jones Diary, then it’s worth doing for a good cause…

In fact, The whole Christmas jumper scene is definitely reaching some kinda Tipping point. The Science Gallery has also jumped on the bandwagon and are dedicating their next Make Night on Nov 30th to those of us who wish to make our own quirky and random versions of this iconic piece of fesitve apparel.

We will all be waiting tonight I am sure with baited breath as we watch the Late Late Toy show- that great temple to Product placement for that other great Irish Christmas Jumper Moment – What will Mr Tubridy wear tonight and who will eb the supplier most importantly.

On another note, as the economy shrinks and goes retrograde, maybe its time to disengage with the über design led festive consumption of the last 2 decades and just indulge in the naiveté and simpler consumer joys of the 60s-70s.


this week till Xmas

Mon-Fri : 1230-2pm

Sat: 11am-5pm



Georges St. Arcade, Dublin 2




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