The Christmas Boutique Pop-up @Ranelagh Arts Center

I hear Ranelagh is the “Notting Hill” of Dublin. No surprises then, that a decorative murmuration of home grown designers will be displaying their collective creative plumage for your delectation and purchasing power, at the Christmas Boutique in Ranelagh Arts Centre.It’s an intimate shopping experience that lets you meet creative talent and unfurl the stories behind the beautiful objects. Ranelagh was also the scene of skirmishes in the Irish Confederate wars, so do your patriotic duty, and save the economy one stocking filler at a time with Irish made gifts starting at €10 on those historical battle grounds. The focus is on contemporary, affordable locally made products by the best of Irish design talent under one roof. The ever popular and endlessly entertaining Keep Going Sure it’s Grand prints and cards will also be on sale too.

Open from 11am-6pm until Sunday 18th Dec.
Late opening until 7pm on Thursday and Saturday.

Ranelagh Arts Centre
Dublin 6 Ranelagh

Poster for Ranelagh Christmas Boutique

For more information check out
Kindly supported by the Crafts Council of Ireland and the Year of Craf


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