Year of the Water Dragon – Dublin city

Year of the Water Dragon

Chinese Dragons are flamboyant, charismatic & tempestuous  creatures that bring uncertainty and change.  Upside: all new ventures in the Year of the Dragon will be successful. Herald them in with fanfare, traditional Chinese style. Just get a new outfit, hand out red packets filled with cash, reunite with family & friends round a table groaning with food and make lots of noise to scare away the evil spirits of last year. The Dublin City programme will do its bit to paint the city red with a Chinese Film Festival, Photographic exhibitions in the Chester Beatty & Gallery of Photography, seminars, story telling and craft workshops. Why not catch a chinese opera in your Cheongsam & Samfu? Don’t have one? You will probably find them at the Asia Market Food and Craft festival in Meeting House square next weekend. Xin Nian Hao!


When & Where

Assorted events 20th Jan to 3rd Feb


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