Elemental Vows – A Kind of Thanksgiving

This post is an attempt to log some of my creative writing, containing verses I rewrote recently as a sort of alternative sacramental vow – a Thank you Meditation.

They first appeared in 2005 on a Thank You card we designed for the many wedding guests who had attended our Spiegeltent wedding event that Monsoon day in September..I revisted them in February 2012 and drafted them for this blog today. The process helped me understand how my attraction to Taoist thinking had made itself very present in these lines.

Elemental Vows

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If I should learn to Love

Then let it be like the sky above me

Vast , open and expansive

Unasked for and unconditional

Ever Present

And sometime blue in its blessing

If I should seek to offer Love

Let it radiate like the Sun

Pervasive , authentic and singular.

Indiscriminate in its gaze,  illuminating all.

Warm sustenance,

Fuelled from within.

Should I delve deeper into love,

Let it be the path of Water, the Way of Rain.

Amorphous , fluid, and persistent:

Seeking to fill each hollow, nourishing any low.

Renewable abundance

Adapting gently with every motion.

Should I seek to fathom Love,

Let me know it like the Earth beneath my feet

Ordinary, unrelenting, seismic.

Fertile and filled with potential,

Rooted with life.

More stable, more precious with the pressures of Time

Everything I need to know about love is around me

Everything I have learned of  love  I see in those before me , they who have cleared the path before me.

May I learn to love as they have shown in this life and all my lives to come.


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