Golden Content Tips For Retail Branding : Turn Your Store Inside out

Content Tips for #Retail- Turn that Store Inside Out

As a Retailer, you’re now refocusing on ways to convert customers through social media. Seasonal promotions beckon and now, you’re under pressure to create content to get seen online.

You’re great at pushing promotions in-store, showcasing shopfronts and even populating shop windows that tantalise offline …but now, you will be transitioning more of your pushy promotional content towards online communities and social media.

Here’s the thing : It is not sufficient to directly translate real – world promo efforts into graphics for the likes of Facebook et al. You’re not done yet.

There’s a lot more you CAN do and its not always extra work, it’s just another way of packaging your brand….

It’s not about PUSHING what’s visible on the OUTSIDE only. Connecting with a digital audience through social media  is about PULLING people in with What’s INSIDE you…  It’s about the Soft Underbelly of your brand. It’s about getting the right customers to snuggle up and hear the stories from behind your promotional facade.

Branding With The Boss

Got an inspirational Boss , Corporate Leader, or Brand – Champion-Founder lurking about in HQ?  Is he / she great at addressing the company internally and spelling out your mission and your values ? Does this person inspire staff regularly?

Well use them! Why steal quotes from philosophers when you’ve got some great lines of inspiration from the boss. Turn his / her quotes into visual content spelling out your brand straight from the ‘horses mouth’. You’ve now got Motivational Monday on Instagram covered!

What’s Your Story? In fact : What’s Your History?

Heritage ties you into your surrounding community and gets your story bandwagon hitched to #shoplocal values. Heritage bring trust, authenticity and adds value. Check out the Marks and Spencer pic I used in this blog. It was their 1st ever store in Leeds Kirkgate Market and they kept it going. It reeks of authenticity.

Chances are, there’s a pile of great black and white sepia toned pics from your shop in the old days – scan them in and you’ve got:

  • The beginnings of a blog
  • Engaging gorgeous content for your website’s ‘About’ page.
  • A litany of #ThrowbackThursday shots with stories to go with them.

Is your retail business just a start-up?  Well that’s a story in itself. Tune your business story in to the #independantshops #artisan #localbusiness frequency.

Give In-store Happenings a Longer Lifespan.

I am talking about events. It happens for a short space of time in a fixed location. Online, you’ve got the chance to stretch the duration of an event.

  • Pre-Event: Its obvious but some people don’t do it – Let people know you’re gonna hold one, invite them, reveal what’s in it for them and TeaseTeaseTease with great visuals. If you have an Email list – start using it.
  • During the event: Grab the Content,  Capture the moment, …and share.
  • Post-Event: Share the stories and ask for feedback – What were the highlights? Who wants More? What Should we do next?

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Not just YOUR name but your team-players, and the customers they deal with.

  • Profile your Customers: You’re a busy operation. It’s not always easy to know all your customers, even if your staff do. That’s what Community Management on Social Media is for. You’ll talk to everyone, listen and learn who your champions are. And you’ll get to reward the ones who do it loyally AND delight the ones who don’t know you well.
  • Spotlight your Staff : Create content that brings staff closer to your customers, profile them  and tell their stories. If you have an Employee of The Month programme, use it as content to spotlight the bright stars who really exemplify what you do. Why keep that poster in the locker room? The same goes for staff events – it all points to a more well-rounded Brand.
  • Who are the People in your Neighbourhood: Are you involved in a community charity programme? Doing great things in your high-street to improve things? Part of a neighbourhood project? Translate that back-room work into social gold.

Moral Of This Story?


Turn that store Inside Out and start spending quality time on content. What does it FEEL like when someone sees your content?

  • Do they feel Good?
  • Do they feel Entertained?
  • Do they know something about you and your team that they didn’t know before?Yes you could still do those great promotions and push those offers and product launches. But remember, in between those campaigns: Breathe – Exhale – Be HumanThese ideas are the tip of the iceberg. If you need more mind-expanding brainstorming, written content  or handy help executing that next social campaign,  Just get in touch.

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