The creative friction and cultural dissonance of migrating from Singapore to Ireland, from east to west, from super metropolitan society to a slightly more homogenous one, has engendered more than one observation in me.

Add in the inevitable sense of dislocation and you get some culturally panoramic views. It’s what you get when you’re the result of a multi racial and multi faith upbringing. All I needed to know about traversing 2 continents , dancing with 4 religious philosophies and negotiating 5 cultures, I learnt early.

elishbulgodley infographicThe Result?

An adaptive person who has learned to the negotiate the Cultural changes that ensue when, with a strong sense of her Far Eastern origins, heritage and work ethic.

A Girl Geek at heart: Sci fi trekkie, star wars fan , lover of Lego.

A self-motivated individual that values pragmatism, initiative, planning, creativity & strong communications. Currently working in Digital marketing Content Strategy & Creation, Community Management, & Business Development

Always looking for new opportunities & knowledge in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing & Copywriting with in-agency & consultative work.

Inspired and enthusiastic over the following: anthropology, current affairs, literature, world mythology, design and eastern philosophy not to mention the Tao of Quantum Physics and economic theory.

A Bellydancer and lover of middle eastern art. Something of an exhibitionist.

Favourite accolade at work?

“The undisputed queen of TweakYourBiz.com has to be Elish Bul-Godley with a total of three posts in our yearly top 10.” – Co-Founder of Tweakyourbiz.com Niall Devitt

Content creation, social media & community management, copy writing & blogging, business development, events sales & marketing, digital marketing, retail, administration




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